Bell Health Entrance Plan for Patients

Basic Requirements for Entry into Bell Works Building

1. Bell Health/Immediate Care is located on the west side, ground floor of the Bell Works Building.

2. Facial coverings/masks are required for entry into Bell Works and Bell Health/Immediate Care.

3. Temperature screening will be conducted upon entering Bell Health/Immediate Care by a designated staff member.

4. Temperature screening will be conducted upon entering Bell Health/Immediate Care by a designated staff member.

5. When making an appointment at Bell Health, patients will be asked if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Those patients will be referred to another Immediate Care facility in a different location.

Bell Health Patients Entering Bell Works and Bell Health:

1. The Bell Works Campus has three (3) entrances: Crawfords Corner Road, Middletown Road and Roberts Road. When entering the Bell Works campus, Bell Health/Immediate Care patients will follow the Wayfinding Signs to the JCPL (purple) parking lot which is located near the West entrance of the Bell Works. (see Wayfinding Map)

2. Patients are to park in one of the reserved Bell Health/Immediate Care parking spaces, if available, or in one of the general parking spaces in that same parking lot.

3. Signage will direct patients to enter the Bell Works building using the West Entrance. (see Wayfinding Map)

4. Bell Work’s West Entrance has two active entry points. As you face the West Entrance, the entrance/exit on the right is for Tenants only and is equipped with a thermal scanner staffed by a Bell Works security officer who will follow established protocol. The entrance/exit on the left is for Bell Health/Immediate Care Patients only. Doors will be clearly marked

5. Upon entering the building, all Bell Health patients must:

  • a. Wear a face covering/mask.
  • b. Maintain social distancing.
  • c. Disinfect hands using available hand sanitizer.
  • d. Keep within the delineated area (blocked off near the Bell Health/Immediate Care Entrance to impede access to common areas via this designated entrance) and following directional flow decals for entry into Bell Health/Immediate Care.

6. Upon entering Bell Health/Immediate Care, all patients will be subject to temperature screening (for internal triage purposes) as well as all other indicated Bell Health/Immediate Care procedures.

  • a. A patient having an elevated temperature caused by any illness is required to leave Bell Works promptly after their visit. They will not be allowed to enter Bell Works common areas.
  • b. Patients that do not have an elevated temperature and would like to enter the Bell Works complex will need to:
    • i. Use the established entry point into Bell Works common area and proceed to Bell Works thermal scanner station. (entry point will be clearly marked and monitored by Bell Works Security).

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